App for your own brand
Directly uses your brand logo in the apps
Supports rapid publication to Google Play and App Store
Provides powerful system performance and the most stable native architecture, to ensure that your applications are worry-free.
Supports message pushing
Instant communication tool
Provides stable and reliable performance, and prevents connection loss and message loss.
Supports multiple message formats, such as rich text, voice, and pictures.
Saves chat records for free, so that the records can be viewed at any time.
Product management
Supports product migration in the background.
Supports multi-SKU management.
Supports detailed product description and multi-picture display.
Supports multi-layer product group management and batch operation.
Order management
Provides instant reminders of new orders.
Supports order status remarks.
Allows batch management of multiple orders.
Supports group-based order querying.
To be rolled out

Multi-account permission management

Purchase-sales-inventory management

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