Data Managing Business, One Step Ahead

Management Tools
Brand customization
product management
Order management
Instant communication tool
Monthly maintenance fee 9.90
Customization and Installation Fee € 799 (One-time Payment)
Brand logo
Login and registration module
Online store
Uploaded products Unlimited
product editing and management
Order management
Quantity of product groups 5
Instant communication tool
Group messaging
Data transmission security assurance SSL
Encrypted data storage
Share product to Facebook
Share product to WeChat *€ 49 / Year
Share product to Twitter *€ 9.9 / Year
Help to register Apple Developer Account *€ 99 / Year
Help to register Google Developer Account *€ 25 (one time fee)
Free App upgrade Once a month

* Extra company info will be needed and the registration will be ready in 7 - 10 working days.

* The relevant price for the relevant companies to receive, Novoshops only for collection.

Data Managing Business, One Step Ahead

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